Poetica is a creative video content production & design boutique—we leverage art, technology, and media to find new ways to tell unique stories.

We are a versatile creative studio that combines an understanding of technology, marketing, and art to create vanguard work. Our work usually revolves around films (video seems to always be on the front lines of communication) but we have experience working on branding, UX, websites, social content, and advertising—from concept development, execution, and delivery. The digital world is not linear, and should never have "dead-end." A well designed user experience is critical, from well designed social platforms to relevant CTA's.
We seek to collaborate with like-minded artists and brands.


The digital world is constantly evolving and mutating. The growing number of screens has changed our behaviors, so our communication efforts must reflect that. We aim to create strategic, unique, clean yet powerful designs with one goal - to move people. We take a tailored approach to every project, be it UX, web design, social media, mobile, or print.






Technology has revolutionized filmmaking by making tools accessible and creating very democratic distribution and consumption platforms for people and brands. Which in turn has changed people’s consumption habits. Context, social, personalization, mobile, and participation are just some of the key elements available today that must be considered in today’s storytelling process to effectively reflect today’s consumer habits. 

We can handle video production work from creative discovery, treatment & concepting, writing, through editorial, graphics,  color correction and grading, and delivery into your web platforms (e.g.: YouTube, Facebook, web site) including any supporting assets.