AIGA Y20 Conference Intro Film

The Y Design Conference is a two-day event of design, community, collaboration, speakers, and hands-on thinkshops organized by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). The San Diego chapter celebrated their 20th Y Conference with the theme "Velocity. Design Moving Forward."

Poetica designed, shot, edited and animated a video to kick off the conference. The video needed to showcase highlights of the past 20 years, and introduce the "Velocity. Design Moving Forward" theme.

Given the event's audience and 20 years of design history, the video explores ideas like time—how fast technology is changing design, the way we interact, communicate, and create and consume information. It explores how our life experiences (the places we grew up, the things we see, the people we meet) affects our creative lives, and how we express our ideas and ultimately, as design professionals, the communication pieces we produce.

*AIGA is a non-profit organization. This was a volunteer project, budget was $0.00 and no money was made from it.

Music: Sweden by Two Fingers // Friend [Lover] by Evenings


Production Stills //
Dave Conover / - AIGA Y20 Chair
Marc Hedges / - Creative Director
Kate McCarthy / - Creative Director
PoeticaFilms - Design, Direction, Editing, Motion Graphics